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Whitening cream

Liquorice Extract, Vit C & Vit E,
Wheat Germ Oil and Mineral Oil,
Chamomile Extract, D-Panthenol.

Hyperpigmentation Disorder As Freckles, Very Effective For Sensitive Areas, Dark Spots, Age Spots and Black Halos, Ultraviolet
Induced Erythema, Photo Aging, Fine Lines & Photo Damaged Skin.

Twice daily (day and night).

Safe with pregnancy and lactating.

Deep moisturizing and emollient effect.
Hydroquinone free.
Non-Cytotoxic to Melanocytes.
Skin rejuvenating effect.
SPF factor 18%.
Anti-Oxidant and photo protective.
Wide safety margin.

75 ml – 98 SR
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