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Body Lotion

Allantoin, Vit E.
Panthenol, Glycerin.
Olive Oil, Lilac Oil.

Skin dehydration, Protection and treatment of dryness, Potent emollient effect specially after laser sessions.

After each contact with water, rub an amount all over your body, gently massage your skin.

Improves skin texture and makes the skin moist and soft, Easily spreads and rapidly absorbed, Highly safety margin.

– Penetrates deep into your skin with the effect of Panthnol
– Provides a natural moisturizing barrier
– Helps prevent skin dehydration
– Absorbs quickly into your skin
– Helps delay the aging
– Helps restore a youthful skin texture
– Gives your body a softer, smoother appearance

200 ml – 125 SR
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